All countries’ labor laws entitle employees to several types of leave and holidays. To follow the law, employees and employers need to understand the numerous rules to be imposed. Companies in the UAE offer several types of paid and unpaid leave. Different laws generally specify the minimal leaves to be provided by employers. But, leave rules might vary from one company to another depending on the business and industry sector. 

This blog will specify different types of leaves offered to workers in the Gulf countries. 

Annual leave

Employees and labor workers who have completed one year of their working tenure are eligible for 30 days of paid annual leave. Workers who have completed half a year in the United Arab Emirates can take two days off monthly. It’s vital to note that an organization can only hire a dedicated worker and work continuously for two years by granting annual leave according to Article 29 Clause 8 of the UAE labor law. 

Weekly rest days

According to Article 21 of the UAE Labour Law, private sector employees are eligible for at least one day of paid rest a week, and companies may also opt to enhance the number of weekly rest days. 

Sick leave

Workers who have completed the probation period are also eligible for a sick leave of up to 90 days per year. The 90 days’ sick leave can be ongoing or intermittent, and the salary is given as follows: • Full pay for the first 15 days • Half pay for the following 30 days • No pay for the remaining 45 days.

Public holidays 

It is clear if a worker is about to leave with full pay on public holidays officially. Workers required to work during public holidays should be completely compensated during the leave days. This all comes under Article 28 of the nation’s labor law.

Parental leaves

The UAE’s Labour Law allows private sector employees to take up to six months of parental leave from the date of their child’s birth. This is a paid leave that can be requested by both the mother and father of the child.


Working mothers in the UAE’s private sector are eligible for a maternity leave of 60 days, out of which 

  • 45 days will be a fully paid leave, and
  • 15 days will be on half-pay

Sabbatical leaves

According to the UAE Labour Law, Emiratis working in the private sector are eligible for a paid vacation to perform national duties. Federal law No. 6 of 2014 on National Military duty and Reserve Force states that all medically fit Emirati men must serve national duty after receiving authorization from the National and Reserve Service Committee of the UAE Armed Forces General Command.

Final Thoughts! 

Finally, the UAE labor law aims to put the strike on the appropriate balance b/w efficient productivity and freedom. So, employers can grant leaves whenever the employee and labor workers want. Even the employees are expected to use them honestly to maintain the grid between employer and employee. The roster mentioned above of leave types helps you understand the leave procedure. In case, if you want assistance on payroll services, feel free to consult with the professionals at OPS.