Answering Your Questions


01 How can OPS help my organisation?

We relieve you of the stress that comes with managing your payroll in an accurate, compliant manner. Armed with a team of payroll experts based in Dubai, OPS does the heavy lifting by processing your employees’ wages from start to finish, on secure Microsoft Azure servers with SSL encryption.

Payroll processing in the Middle East requires laser-focused attention. We’re happy to assume this burden so you can direct your energy toward growing your business.

02 What does payroll in the Middle East entail?

GCC countries — such as UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar — have become global economic powers, making the Middle East very attractive to growth-minded businesses and expatriates from all over the world.

As a result, payroll in the Middle East is highly diverse, involving expatriates, nationals, social security, employee leave, flight/travel perks, transportation and housing benefits, cost-of-living allowances, banking regulations, country-specific labour laws, and more.

At OPS, we specialises in diverse and complex payrolls for employers in the Middle East. Whether you’re a startup, SME, or multinational, we’ve got you covered.

03 Which countries do you serve?
  • We manage payrolls in UAE, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan, Egypt, and Pakistan.
04 Why should we outsource instead of doing payroll in-house?
  • Consider the cost of:

    • Recruiting, hiring, developing, and retaining your internal payroll team
    • Payroll technology with processing, banking, reporting, and self-service features
    • Payroll supplies, including printers and checks
    • Keeping up with the Middle Eastern payroll laws that apply to your business

    Through a single outsourcing partner, such as OPS, you can reduce these in-house expenses.

05 What if we need a specific payroll service, outside of managed payroll?
  • Simply choose from our a la carte menu, which runs the complete full scope – from payroll consulting, salary benchmarking, payroll mapping to payroll training and more. You can also achieve ongoing compliance through our periodic payroll audits.
06 How long will it take to get our payroll up and running?
  • We implement new-client payrolls quickly, while adhering to international standards. If you have fewer than 100 employees, we can deploy your payroll in less than 30 days. This includes contract negotiation, collecting relevant payroll data, and running a parallel payroll to ensure a smooth transition.
07 Do you perform ERP/HCM cloud integrations?
  • OPS has done plenty of ERP/HCM integrations via industry-leading software, such as Workday, Oracle, and SAP. We are equipped to merge your ERP and HCM processes into a unified, future-proof, cloud-based platform.
08 What type of human support can we expect?
  • OPS believes in relationship building, so you will have access to a dedicated account manager, or a payroll specialist, who will support you along the way. We are accountable and will aim to resolve any issues you encounter while using our service.
09 Will we have to pay penalties or fees if we terminate our contract?
  • OPS has a stellar reputation in the Middle East because we make client satisfaction our priority. That said, you can stop your contract at any time, with no penalty or exit fees. Moreover, we will give you the data you need to continue your payroll.
10 How can we get started?

Got a question?

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