Payroll is so much more than a back-office function

MENA Payroll Academy is a ground-breaking concept to help Payroll professionals in the Middle East to draw from the wisdom and experience of the greater Payroll Community – at the touch of a button.

Created by seasoned payroll specialists in the Middle East, it formally creates best practices and industry standards within the region. The Academy run a Payroll in the Middle East course to equip professionals with on-the-job confidence and knowledge to navigate the complexities of the region.

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We Provide You With…


  • Work-based learning

MENA Payroll Academy design courses around your working life. Learn at your desk, and apply your new knowledge immediately.

  • Region-specific training

MENA Payroll Academy is breaking the mould. You need to understand the idiosyncrasies of payroll in the Middle East today. We teach it.

  • Join Payroll pros

Instant free access to a network of professionals in the region, all of them involved in Payroll in one shape or another. All that experience and knowledge just a moment away.


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What is The Fundamentals of Payroll Training Course?


Payroll processing in the Middle East comes with its own unique complexities. Contributing to this is that these complexities often need to be worked through without the prerequisite payroll knowledge that can make the job easier from the get-go. This can put undue strain on the payroll process and affect operational efficiency.

Developed by payroll specialists in the Middle East, the Payroll in the Middle East Certificate Course equips you with the skills and region-specific knowledge you need to ensure success in your daily payroll function. Through work-based learning that you can apply in the office immediately, this course will increase your confidence to perform effectively and contribute to the overall operational effectiveness of payroll in your organization.

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Got a question?

One of our friendly payroll specialists would be happy to chat.

Got a question?

One of our friendly payroll specialists would be happy to chat.