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Who we are

Our Ethos

We come alongside clients as their partner, to advise and execute mission-critical functions that are customised to each businesses individual needs.

Our Journey

Outsourced Payroll Solutions was founded in 2008 after the realisation that although payroll wasn’t the most exciting aspect of HR, it was still mission critical, and companies were struggling to deliver ‘A-Grade’ payroll each month. Since then, we have helped hundreds of companies improve their payroll through processes and software innovation to deliver timely, accurate payrolls each month.

Now, we are well established in the region and with a footprint in the UAE, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan & Egypt. 

Our Values

We Own

We are a team of leaders and self starters. We don’t sit around and wait for someone else to do it. Each of us takes responsibility and stays accountable.

We Care

We care about what we do, about each other and about our clients. This translates to great working relationships, seamless transitions, and quality work.

We Create

We innovate and push forward. We create a better world by improving practices and exploring new ideas in our industry and work environments.


Regional Payroll & HR Experts

HR & Payroll provider since 2008

We’ve seen the evolution of HR & payroll in the Middle East for nearly 2 decades. 

An ISO 9001 certified company

We maintain the strictest quality and consistency in all our processes.

Higher level HR & legislative functions

We offer services and functions that are typically not offered by other vendors.

Fully compliant

Navigating the legalities and nuances of different countries in the Region is a maze we are well familiar with.


Your HR & payroll is managed by our team of specialists and does not rely entirely on a specific employee in your organisation.

Best Practices

We will advice and empower you on best practices for Payroll in the Middle East.


Trusted by Businesses Across The Middle East

We have successfully implemented payroll services in the UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, and Pakistan. Our regional expertise has firmly set us apart as industry leaders and a partner of excellence in the Middle East. 


Happy to see how our Expansion, create new & improved processes. The new partnership we recently started with OPS for our business in the UAE, which will ensure we have reliable payroll processing for our employees in Dubai, & overall payroll compliance as per local labour legislation.


“Since we implemented ESS, our employees are much more engaged. They can view their payslips, apply for leave, request data updates - anytime, anyplace. Managers can approve leave and have access to crucial HR info in real time.”


“Outsourcing payroll has given me extra time to focus on other HR tasks. That’s been great for our business. I’ve also managed to present additional reports to line management, and they gave me excellent feedback.”


We never realized starting a business in the UAE could be so difficult. Apart from getting things done, there are so many things dependent on each other. When we finally outsourced payroll, we could start working on the business again.”


Our Robust HR and Payroll Platform


Round-the-clock monitoring of your encrypted payroll data. Benefit from our state-of-the-art technology and processes and experience an automated, enhanced payroll process every month.


Meet your unique payroll requirements with a configured platform built with you in mind. Need  personalised support? You’ve got it.

Easy migration

Sit back and relax. Enjoy a painless transition when switching payroll providers in the Middle East or outsourcing for the first time.

Rapid Implementation

Avoid long, stressful  waiting periods when setting up your first payroll in the Middle East. Deploy payroll no later than your estimated start date. Get up and running as quickly as you need. 

Enhanced Security

Keep prying eyes away from your payroll through enhanced technology—round-the-clock monitoring of your encrypted payroll data. Want to know more?

There’s more.

“In 2008, payroll was very low key in the Middle East. There is a misconception around Payroll in this region, that is simple and straight forward because of the lack of taxation, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. In reality, The dream for us is to help companies realise that payroll has a legitimate place in the strategic decision making part of business”

 CEO & founder, Diana Geldenhuys

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