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The Challenge
As the Covid-19 lock down happened, key industries, such as medical services, were adversely affected, just like other industries. Hospital had to be extra selective in choosing which staff members would remain onsite as front-line workers, such as doctors and nurses, and which staff could work remotely or on a furlough basis. Not only that, hospital had overnight lost a sizable portion of its income but recognized its simultaneous responsibility towards its employees and the greater economy to continue paying salaries during these abnormal times.

OPS Approach
Working within a challenging timeline, OPS team leveraged its resources and collaboratively worked with the client to efficiently manage this change. OPS did not use a blanket method but worked expediently with management and
staff to find tailored solutions.The starting point was the salary restructuring. We identified and segmented employees as per the necessary standards and enabled paycut ranging from 10 to 30%. Moreover, OPS streamlined the paperwork based on these recommendations, and managed the administrative side of the process for the entire hospital, enabling our client to divert all its focus and energy where it was most needed: the protection of its vulnerable patients.

OPS Takes The Pressure off Urgent Restructuring During Abnormal Period.

Results and Value Delivered
Our steps in to streamline staff utilization, enabling our clients to continue to pay salaries even during times of financial crises Results and value delivered

Looking Ahead to Continued Success
At OPS, we are more than our client’s payroll manager offering a suite of HR services that stretches far beyond the management of your company’s payroll. The unprecedented upheaval caused by Covid-19 highlighted our capacity to support and enhance your company’s performance, as well as that of its employees.[/vc_column_text][vc_row_inner thb_max_width=””][vc_column_inner][vc_column_text]To learn more, please visit:
Call: 04 446 6309
Email: sales@ops.ae[/vc_column_text][vc_single_image image=”4648″][vc_column_text]Diana Geldenhuys
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