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A powerful all-in-one payroll platform for employers in the Middle East. Built with you and your people in mind.

We offer a wide spectrum of integrated payroll solutions and services, so you don’t have to shop around to mix and match.


HR Admin

HR admin means being in charge of all the moving parts of your company-your employees. Manage it all in one place with our HR admin module. Create your company organization structure, transfer and promote employees, plan and approve leave and so much more. 

Leave Management

Take leave management to the next level with our leave management module. Approve and manage all leave requests with the click of a button for a seamless experience, either from our desktop application or through our mobile application.

Create leave types and payroll elements that can be stored in the leave calendar for your workforce planning.

Analytics Dashboard

Real-time HR and Payroll reporting. Get insights and trends on your people your way with our customizable design.

Time & Attendance

An integrated approach to time and attendance. opt to integrate with your clocking-in device or biometric system, or use our time and attendance module with geo0cashe that feeds directly into your payroll and leave management without manual interferance. 

Expense Management

Linked with Employee Self Service and integrated with our workflow engine, empower employees with on the go expense reimbursement claims and direct supporting document upload from mobile or desktop. 

Employee Self Service

The Future of HR on the go

Empower your workforce with employee self service and improve your employee experience with the gulfHR app. Apply for leave, submit expense claims, request days in lieu and so much more on the go!


Ditch tedious manual processes. Streamline payroll. Go paperless. Reduce errors. Increase compliance. Gain peace of mind.


Grow your business with payroll software that goes the distance plus simplifies complex payroll environments in the Middle East.


Experience payroll software that adapts to your business systems. User-friendly options that let you handle payroll your way.


Protect your company during emergencies, disasters, and pandemics. Remote access to payroll processing — in-country and across countries.


Let employees access their payroll data anytime, from their laptop or mobile device. Manage payroll at work, from home, or on the go.


Meet your unique payroll needs with a highly customised platform built just for you. Need personalised support? You’ve got it.

Rapid Implementation

Avoid long, stressful periods of waiting when setting up your first payroll in the Middle East. Deploy payroll no later than the estimated start date.

Easy migration

Sit back and relax. Enjoy a painless transition when switching payroll providers in the Middle East or outsourcing for the first time.

Biometric Integration

Prevent buddy punching, increase employee accountability, and yield greater ROI by merging a biometric timeclock with your payroll system.

Real-time integration with banks

Establish direct payroll links to leading banks in the Middle East. Digitally upload payment files to your bank. View your transactions in real time.

Automated bank disbursements

Pay your employees on time via electronic funds disbursements made by your bank. Easily fulfill your wage-payment obligations.

Financial GL integration

Transport payroll data seamlessly into your accounting system. Decrease manual GL entries. Create synchronized financial records.

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