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Let us manage your HR & payroll needs, so you can focus on looking after your business.

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No matter the size of your company, HR and payroll are some of the most critical aspects of your business. Not only does it affect your day to day operations and financial stability, but it can also damage your companies reputation and affect employee morale. We have provided our clients with bespoke HR and payroll services for over 15 years using our own web-based HRMS system, secure hosting, and in-country expertise. Let us take care of all your employees’ administration while focusing on your business.

Why Outsource?


With an inhouse compliance expert, we keep up to date on all the different legal entities in the UAE, as well as the Middle East country compliance

Maximise Productivity

Our payroll specialists provide you with the essential information and reporting to authorise your payroll fast.  Reporting is easy, fast and efficient


Our user access rights on our system, ensure confidentiality.  Internally we have a 2 eye policy on your data, that of your single point of contact, and the Quality Service Coordinator.  We have a DOA (Delegation of Authority with you to make sure we know which data to share

Streamline Processes

We provide a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) and payroll mapping . We also adhere to international standards on payroll reporting

Cost Savings

Not only are our costs less than an employee, but we also include the software, the hosting on an Azure secure server, as well as the benefit of a team of experts in payroll, HR ,and country legislation 

Close the Skills Gap

Your payroll expert – so your team have the assurance of payroll done the right way

Why Us?

Payroll & HR Specialists

We’ve seen the evolution of payroll in the Middle East for nearly two decades. We’re old hands who know our game

No Stress Tech

OPS assumes responsibility for the security,maintenance and updates of technology and software.

Zero liability, full compliance

You get the best of all worlds!

Countries OPS serves in the region

Countries OPS serves in the region

Payrolls processed monthly

Payslips issued annually

The landscape is ever-changing, and the frustrations are real. But we’ve been doing this for a long time, and we know what we’re doing. So let us help you while you focus on your core functions.


Keep prying eyes away from your payroll through state-of-the-art technology. Round-the-clock monitoring of your encrypted payroll data.


Meet your unique payroll requirements, with a configured platform built with you in mind. Need personalized support? You’ve got it

Rapid Implementation

Avoid long, stressful periods of waiting when setting up your first payroll in the Middle East. Deploy payroll no later than your estimated start date.

Easy migration

Sit back and relax. Enjoy a painless transition when switching payroll providers in the Middle East or outsourcing for the first time.

Real time integration with banks

Establish direct-payroll links to leading banks in the Middle East. Digitally upload payment files to your bank. View your transactions in real-time.

There’s more.

We offer a wide spectrum of integrated payroll solutions and services, so you don’t have to shop around to mix and match.

Industry leaders in the Middle East

We have successfully implemented payroll services in the UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan and Pakistan. Our expertise in the region has firmly set us apart as industry leaders and a partner of excellence in the Middle East. We currently have offices in Dubai, Manama and Karachi.


“Since we implemented ESS, our employees are much more engaged. They can view their payslips, apply for leave, request data updates – anytime, anyplace. Managers can approve leave and have access to crucial HR info in real time.”


“Outsourcing payroll has given me extra time to focus on other HR tasks. That’s been great for our business. I’ve also managed to present additional reports to line management, and they gave me excellent feedback.”


We never realized starting a business in the UAE could be so difficult. Apart from getting things done, there are so many things dependent on each other. When we finally outsourced payroll, we could start working on the business again.”

The OPS Guarantee

If we do not meet your expectations, you can cancel our service at any time, with no exit fees. We will provide you with all the payroll data you need to continue to process your own payroll.


*Terms and conditions apply

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  Payroll is a monster on the best of days.
  Lucky for you, we like a challenge.

  Let OPS manage your payroll so you can          focus on your core business

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