Who are the Takers, Matchers, Self- Protective Givers, Selfless Givers in your organization?

Harvard Business Review Professor Adam Grant and Reb Rebele from Wharton University of Pennsylvania

Although givers are the most valuable people in organizations, they’re also at the greatest risk for burnout. When they don’t protect themselves, their investments in others can cause them to feel overloaded and fatigued, fall behind on their work goals and face more stress and conflict at home.”

When we read this article, we felt compelled that it’s time for a reality check – how much of your time are you giving? What portion of that time should you be giving? Are you reactive and give and give and find yourself with your back against the wall? Shattered deadlines? YOUR KPI’s not achieved? This Harvard Business Review on the research done by Professor Adam Grant and Reb Rebele, details how to identify the Takers, Matchers, Self- Protective Givers, Selfless Givers.

In any organisation, we as individuals have the pressure of achieving our core business objectives and remaining effective by doing so. One of the biggest adversaries to that achievement is responding to requests that are made daily by colleagues. The norm is the expectation that we should give, give, give. Do whatever we are asked. We readily agree, reactively, too many requests that are not in our best interest and ultimately our company.

In particular, Employees in the HR Department, including Payroll Administrators, are constantly criticised for not being ‘a peoples’ person’ because they put in boundaries. Boundaries on deadlines, boundaries on their time, boundaries around workloads. If they don’t, payrolls don’t go out on time, they are inaccurate. Those who don’t put those boundaries in place and don’t proactively respond to requests, giving each ‘demand’ thought, face burnout. Lack of efficiency. Competency is eroded.

Professor Adam Grant and Reb Rebele’s four-year study around the subject of being a ‘giver’, has led to a helpful way of determining where you are on the ‘Generosity Spectrum’. They also detail ‘7 Habits of Highly Productive Giving’ which is a useful tool to getting on track to proactive giving. Essential for each of us to become more efficient and decrease our stress levels.

It’s like it’s the world’s best-kept secret for you and your organization’s success!

A MUST READ for you and every person you know! Beat Generosity Burnout.

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