Onboarding in Oman: Documentation, Probation, and Leave Policies with OPS Regional Service Provider

OPS: Your Ideal Payroll Solution in the Middle East

OPS stands out as the regional service provider expertly handling payroll solutions in the Middle East. For businesses seeking efficient and compliant payroll management, OPS is the optimal choice. For more details on their services, reach out at sales@ops.ae or contact them at 00971 58 814 6290. Required Documentation for New Hires For social security registration of new employees in Oman, the following documents are necessary:
  • Insured Employees Registration Form (Form 1).
  • Certified copy of the employment contract by the Ministry of Manpower.
  • Copy of the employee’s passport or ID.
For GCC new hires, the required documents include:
  • Unified form for Insurance Protection Extension.
  • Authorized copy of the work agreement (employment contract or appointment decision).
  • Valid ID card or passport copy.
  • Verified statement of the employee’s basic salary progression from the start of their appointment.

Probation Period

In Oman, the probation period typically spans three months, which must be clearly stated in the employment contract to be enforceable.

Leave Policies

National Holidays in Oman Notable holidays include:
  • Feb. 18: Isra’a Wal Miraj
  • Apr. 22-25: Eid al-Fitr (Tentative Date)
  • Jun. 28: Arafat Day
  • Jun 29-Jul 2: Eid al-Adha Holiday
  • Jul 19: Hijri New Year
  • Sept 27: Mawlid
  • Nov 18: National Day
  • Nov 19: National Day Holiday
Sick Leave

Employees are entitled to:

  • Ten days of paid sick leave annually.
  • After two weeks, entitlement to gross wage under social security law.
  • 75% of the gross wage for the 3rd and 4th weeks.
  • 50% of the gross salary for the 5th and 6th weeks.
  • 25% of the gross pay from the 7th to the 10th week.
Maternity Leave 50 days of paid leave for pregnant employees, limited to three instances with the same employer. Study Leave 15 days of paid leave annually for exams for employees enrolled in educational institutions. Annual Leave
  • Paid annual leave post six months of employment.
  • 30 calendar days for employees with more than one year of service.
  • Up to four days of emergency leave per year.
Special Event Leave Includes:
  • Marriage: 3 days (once).
  • Death of a close relative: 3 days.
  • Death of an uncle or aunt: 2 days.
  • Al-Haj pilgrimage: 15 days (once, post one year of employment).
  • Death of a Muslim wife’s husband: 130 days.

Termination Policies

Notice Period
  • Seven days’ notice during probation if employment is unsuitable.
  • 30-day notice for unlimited-duration contracts (15 days for others), unless otherwise agreed.
  • Compensation for termination without proper notice.
Severance Pay
  • 15 calendar days of basic pay per year for the first three years.
  • 30 calendar days per year beyond three years.
For comprehensive payroll solutions in the Middle East, OPS is the go-to service provider, ensuring compliance and efficiency. Contact them at sales@ops.ae or 00971 58 814 6290 for more information.