Adding another layer to the employment guidelines is the long-term target set by the UAE government. Businesses are being asked to increase the number of Emirati citizens they hire by 2% each year, with the aim to reach a 10% representation by the start of 2027. This ambitious goal signals the government’s commitment to ensuring that UAE nationals are adequately represented in the workforce, across various industries. 

How OPS Can Help 

Staying compliant with these ever-changing regulations can be a daunting task, especially when you’re focused on growing your business. That’s where we come in. At OPS, our expertise in payroll outsourcing and compliance services can help you navigate through the complexities of employment regulations in the UAE. 

Risk Mitigation 

We help you understand the risks associated with non-compliance and guide you through the best practices to mitigate them. 

Strategic Planning: Our team of experts can assist in planning your hiring strategies to align with the new guidelines, ensuring that you meet the annual 2% increase mandate as well as the 10% target by 2027. 

As the UAE continues to grow and diversify its economy, businesses must adapt to new regulations, particularly those concerning employment. The new guidelines aim to increase the representation of UAE nationals in the private sector, affecting a wide range of industries. With penalties for non-compliance set at AED 96,000 for 2024 and AED 108,000 for 2025, and a long-term target of 10% Emirati employment by 2027, it’s more important than ever to stay ahead of these changes. 

Ops as a Payroll specialist and payroll management company is helping its clients by providing the consultancy needed during this transition and guiding them through regulatory changes. 

Our clients are our priority, and we work closely with them to guarantee their compliance in the GCC market. 

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