If you’re a business owner and want to stay in the competition for long, try growing your business. There are different tactics that help in business growth. Outsourcing payroll services is one of them.


What Is Meant By Outsourcing Payroll?

In outsourcing payroll, companies outsource their payroll to professional payroll service providers. And this gives them an edge to focus more on the main things and to let go of the less important things. Payroll service providers provide the following services:

  • Payroll calculations
  • Year-end taxes
  • Payroll tax statement
  • New hiring
  • Time-and-attendance
  • Deposits and withdrawals
  • Benefits

Now, there comes a question of how to outsource payroll? In this article, we’ll dive into the details of outsourcing payroll services.


3 Steps For Outsourcing Payroll Services

1. Look For An Experienced Payroll Outsourcing Company

Choose experienced payroll service providers. And if you’re new to outsourcing payroll services, look around, ask other business owners, and research about it.

Do your complete research and interview different service providers to check what best fits for you. Furthermore, you can select three out of your list and can ask them about their fee proposals. This will help you select payroll service providers according to your budget. Look for their resources to see if they can provide you back up in the future, or are they able to handle business downfalls and expansion.

Choose well-known and experienced payroll service providers. Keep this thing in your mind that you’re outsourcing payroll for growth and ease. So, check if they can run the system smoothly or do they have enough resources. Check if they have got enough depth in their staffing to provide cover in case of unplanned staff absence. Most importantly, ask for references.

2. Ask These Three Important Questions

Are They Able To Provide Extra Services Around HR?

Before choosing any payroll service providers, ask if they can provide extra services. These services may include:

  • Laws and regulations around employment and taxes
  • Employee contracts
  • Leave entitlements

Even if you’re a startup, ask for these services. Maybe you don’t need these services now, but you’re going to need them in the future.

What Are Their Security Measures?

Most administrations consider it risky to outsource payroll operations because you’re giving the payroll service providers some kind of control. They’re going to have the confidential information of your employees and sensitive transaction data. So, always look for the security processes of the payroll service providers. Check for the following measures:

  • Security standards for data encryption
  • Security measures for file transfer
  • Measures to control internal procedures
  • Protected sharing of data

Are They Following GDPR Privacy Laws?

Payroll service providers must follow GDPR privacy laws to protect employee information. This is necessary even if your company resides outside the EU.


3. Setting Up Of The Process

Lastly, set up the whole working system with your payroll services providers, such as hand over your payroll system details and the employee information. Plus, the details of reports, salaries, leave entitlements, pay reports, employee contracts, and others.

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