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The Challenge
Lockdown adversely affected a major Manufacturing client’s sales revenue because of logistics and supply chain disruptions, compounded by currency fluctuations.

To keep the company afloat and still pay salaries, our client had to reduce operational costs, but without reducing headcount, adhering to the employment stability in private sector establishments legislation set out by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation. 

OPS Approach
OPS worked fast to adhere to a tight timeline, using its extensive and finely honed resources, in close partnership with the company management and its employees, also keeping up the staff morale. 

We mapped our client’s needs and carefully assessed the pay structure, leading to a salary restructuring that reduced staff costs by 20% without a single casualty.

“Unlock a company’s full potential through empowering, connecting and training.”

Results and value delivered
Our steps in to streamline staff utilization, enabling our clients to continue to pay salaries even during times of financial crises Results and value delivered 

Looking ahead to continued success 
At OPS, we are more than our client’s payroll manager offering a suite of HR services that stretches far beyond the management of your company’s payroll. We are a partner in times of radical change, providing support and solutions for the overall wellbeing of the company and its employees. 

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