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No Pain, Just Gain

Your payroll responsibilities as an employer in the Middle East vastly depend on your location in the region. Deciphering your obligations and then tackling them on schedule can be a pain. Not a minor ache that swiftly comes and goes. More like a throbbing headache refusing to quit.

Typically, these duties are tied to:

  • Attendance
  • Timekeeping
  • Working hours
  • Payments for new employees
  • Regular salary payments
  • Allowances
  • Bonuses
  • Commissions
  • Advance and loan payments
  • Social security contributions
  • Customary benefits
  • Paycheck deductions
  • Housing advances
  • Miscellaneous earnings
  • Annual leave
  • Unpaid leave
  • Holiday pay
  • Pension
  • End of service settlements
  • Payroll data management

Phew! And that’s only a fraction of the payroll-management story in the Middle East. To top it off, there’s the critical role of ensuring compliance for the above categories and more.

But what if you could convert your payroll pain into gain by partnering with a company that provides comprehensive payroll management services in the Middle East?

At OPS, we specialize in managing payroll for companies with locations in the Middle East — namely, UAE, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan, Pakistan, and Egypt.

We offer three types of managed payroll, each designed to fulfill unique business needs:

  • No-Sweat Basic Payroll
  • Built-For-You Payroll
  • Top-Level Payroll

All three services are tailored to reduce time spent on payroll, so you can focus on core activities that facilitate business growth.

01 No-Sweat Basic Payroll

You’re a multinational, newly established in the Middle East. Or, you’re a single company operating on a small scale. You don’t need specialised payroll services. But you do need excellence in standard payroll delivery — which is what you will get with No-Sweat Basic Payroll.


  • Quick payroll setup. Gets you up and running fast.
  • Easy-to-deploy standard payroll processing.
  • Payroll software with embedded labour laws and best practices.
  • Support from experienced shared payroll specialists.
  • Expansion capabilities as your business spreads it wings.

Best For:

  • Businesses with 5–50 employees.
  • Small, multinational companies lacking HR/payroll support.
  • Companies needing strong yet affordable payroll governance.
02 Built-for-you Payroll

You’ve been around for a while. Or, you’re running a pretty complex operation, such as multiple locations in the Middle East. You don’t need basic payroll services. You deserve Built-For-You Payroll — which caters to your specialized payroll requirements.


  • Configured for non-standard payrolls and custom processes.
  • Seamless payroll administration, whether single or cross-country.
  • Access to payroll calendars, payslips, mobile options, and self-service portal.
  • Adherence to social insurance laws (PASI, GOSI, etc.), free-zone employment rules, DMCC, DIFC, and others.
  • Statutory calculations, such as for employee income tax and DEWS.
  • Income tax remittance and periodic filing of returns.
  • WPS and e-bank file submissions.
  • Dedicated payroll specialist to guide you through implementation.
  • Ongoing payroll-management backing.
  • Secure, ISO-compliant, disaster-ready payroll software that meets international standards.

Best For:

  • Multinationals with multiple locations/licenses in the Middle East.
  • Discerning companies that seek world-class payroll service.
03 Top-level Payroll

Your payroll commitments in the Middle East are very specific and intricate. Built-For-You Payroll won’t suffice, because you require payroll services that deliver only the highest level of personalized care. In other words, you need Top-Level Payroll.


  • Fully customized payroll solution for all personnel, including nationals and expatriates.
  • Executive, management, and long-tail payrolls.
  • Financial system integration to simplify accounting.
  • Custom reports to track and analyze payroll.
  • Premium security for hosted servers.
  • Expert payroll support.
  • Complete online access.

Best For:

  • Companies, including multinationals, with definitive payroll needs.
  • Businesses looking for payroll services bespoke to top-level management.

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