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No matter the size of your company, HR and payroll are among some of the most critical aspects of your business. Not only does it affect your day-to-day operations and financial stability, but it can also damage your  company’s reputation and affect employee morale. We have provided our clients with bespoke HR and payroll services for over 15 years using our web-based HRMS system, secure hosting, and in-country expertise.

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Why outsource

The triad benefits that we provide of payroll expertise, advanced and robust software and secure hosting make outsourcing a strategic advantage.  

Maximise Productivity

Free up valuable time to pursue activities that generate revenue and add value to you.   Leave the tedious and error-prone tasks to specialists who will ensure you deliver error-free payroll and HR services.

Streamline processes

Outsourcing with OPS assists in implementing efficient business processes and streamlining your resources.

Close the skills gap

Our specialists analyse your business processes and design a custom payroll and HRMS configured optimally for your unique needs.  

Risk Management

Outsourcing synergises all functional areas to deliver a flexible yet accurate payroll, eliminating the risk of internal malpractices.


We keep up to date with legislative changes in regulations affecting payroll, such as salary transfer procedures, and leave calculations applicable to the Middle East and for countries you have a footprint.


Access rights control the exposure to sensitive information to selected employees, and reporting filters and access are set up according to your requirements

Cost Savings

Reduce the cost of expensive hosting, hardware and software licenses by using OPS as an outsource partner to eliminate the high costs associated with running in-house HR and Payroll services.  


Why us?

Payroll & Hr Specialists

Leverage our expertise. We’ve seen payroll evolution in the Middle East for nearly two decades.  know our game; our specialists have years of invaluable experience in identifying and resolving complex HR and Payroll issues.  

No stress tech

OPS uses a robust HRMS tool with full HR Administration capabilities to manage an employee’s life cycle from the hiring phase to leaving the company.  The user-friendly self-service portal enables users to perform an array of HR functions with paperless approvals and transactional ease of use.  OPS assumes responsibility for the security, maintenance and updates of technology and software.

Zero Liability, full compliance

You get the best of both worlds

Shortlists & Accreditations

Globally recognized recognised for both software & Service


Trusted by Businesses Across The Globe


“Since we implemented ESS, our employees are much more engaged. They can view their payslips, apply for leave, request data updates – anytime, anyplace. Managers can approve leave and have access to crucial HR info in real time.”


“Outsourcing payroll has given me extra time to focus on other HR tasks. That’s been great for our business. I’ve also managed to present additional reports to line management, and they gave me excellent feedback.”


We never realized starting a business in the UAE could be so difficult. Apart from getting things done, there are so many things dependent on each other. When we finally outsourced payroll, we could start working on the business again.”


Our Robust HR and Payroll Platform


Keep prying eyes away from your payroll through state-of-the-art technology—Round-the-clock monitoring of your encrypted payroll data. Benefit from our state-of-the-art technology and processes and experience an automated, enhanced payroll process every month.


Meet your unique payroll requirements with a configured platform built with you in mind. Need  personalised support? You’ve got it.

Easy migration

Sit back and relax. Enjoy a painless transition when switching payroll providers in the Middle East or outsourcing for the first time.

Rapid Implementation

Avoid long, stressful  waiting periods when setting up your first payroll in the Middle East. Deploy payroll no later than your estimated start date. Get up and running as quickly as you need. 

Enhanced Security

Keep prying eyes away from your payroll through enhanced technology—round-the-clock monitoring of your encrypted payroll data. Want to know more?

There’s more.

Industry leaders in the Middle East

We have successfully implemented payroll services in the UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan and Pakistan. Our regional expertise has firmly set us apart as industry leaders and a partner of excellence in the Middle East. .