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Diana Geldenhuys

Diana Geldenhuys

CEO & Founder

In 2008, payroll was very low key in the Middle East. There is a misconception around Payroll in this region, that is simple and straight forward because of the lack of taxation, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. In reality, The dream for us is to help companies realise that payroll has a legitimate place in the strategic decision making part of business

Our Journey

Outsourced Payroll Solutions was founded in 2008 when Diana Geldenhuys realised that although payroll wasn’t the most exciting aspect of HR, it was still mission critical, and companies were struggling to deliver grade A payroll each month. Our ethos comes from us being the strategic partner needed in businesses in relation to Payroll and HR,. We come alongside clients as their partner, to advise and execute mission-critical functions that are customised to each businesses individual needs. Since then, we have helped hundreds of companies improve their payroll through processes and software innovation to deliver timely, accurate payrolls each month.

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  Payroll is a monster on the best of days.
  Lucky for you, we like a challenge.

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