A La Carte Payroll Services

Sometimes, Less is More

Employers in the Middle East often have payroll needs that fall outside the scope of general payroll management and payroll audit. To fill the gap, OPS offers a range of a la carte (or add-on) payroll services — each designed to strengthen the HCM function. Among them are payroll consulting, salary benchmarking, compensation and benefits restructuring, payroll policies and procedures, payroll mapping, and payroll training.

OPS has a nuanced understanding of engineering process improvements, creating standardized practices, and generating cost savings. We are champions at navigating organizational change, project management, and single or cross-country rollouts.

What truly sets us apart is our breadth of knowledge spanning the Middle East. From UAE, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan to Pakistan, and Egypt, OPS is a payroll connoisseur of the region.

As your payroll consultant, we will analyze your HCM operation, including how your payroll interacts with HR and finance. With a fine-tooth comb, we will investigate bottlenecks and glitches. Then, we will recommend solutions that promote unity among connected processes.

OPS will carefully examine your internal job descriptions and compare them with salary benchmarking data specific to your business, industry, and Middle Eastern location. Salary surveys are crucial to making informed decisions, but we also leave room for flexibility. This way, your salary determinations are based on the full story, including the individual’s performance and experience.

  • Are your employees happy with their pay?
  • Are your talent attraction and retention rates declining?
  • Are you losing top performers to your competitors?
  • Are you prepared for disasters and economic slowdowns?
  • Are you adhering to compensation and benefits laws?

We can restructure your compensation and benefits strategy to boost your competitiveness and sustainability.

Your payroll policies and procedures are the backbones of your payroll operation. They are instrumental in maintaining compliance and keeping your payroll staff and employees at all levels of the organization on the same page. If your payroll policies and procedures aren’t properly established, then inconsistency, confusion, turmoil, and noncompliance are likely.

At OPS, we excel at building, implementing, and maintaining payroll policies and procedures for businesses in the Middle East. We also help enforce them.

Through payroll mapping, you can visualise your payroll practices and their impact on your business processes. For instance, you can see details of employees’ pay, actions taken during payroll processing, who took those actions, and who is responsible for specific payroll duties.

As your payroll consultant, we will demonstrate (via mapping) sequences in your payroll process, vulnerabilities in your payroll system, and tactics to overcome threats.

Payroll is an essential business function for employers of all sizes. However, managing payroll successfully takes time, expertise, and the ability to stay compliant — hence the need for a compliance advocate.

A compliance advocate hunkers down with you to find the ideal payroll solutions for your business. It serves as your anchor — revealing your blind spots to steer you on the straight and narrow. This compliance advocate comes in the form of a payroll audit.

To err is human. Therefore, payroll blunders are a real possibility. The trick is to keep errors to a minimum by mobilizing your compliance advocate — aka payroll audit. This enables you to promptly catch and fix payroll mistakes.

A payroll audit scrutinizes your payroll practices to detect existing and potential areas of noncompliance. It also helps you identify payroll best practices, establish payroll internal controls, and maintain up-to-date financial records.

You can have a competent member of your staff conduct your payroll audits. Or, you may team up with a reputable third party — such as OPS — who can carry out an objective, unbiased, and thorough audit of your company’s payroll.

  • Consulting on Resolution 279 and labor law compliance.
  • Payroll software integration. We are skilled in third-party integrations, including Oracle, SAP, Workday, and biometric timekeeping systems.
  • New-payroll setup, whether single or multinational.
  • Recommendations for handling layoffs, negotiating severance, and staying on the right side of the law.

 Contact us for an in-depth review of your payroll and to see how we can improve it.

Got a question?

One of our friendly payroll specialists would be happy to chat.

Got a question?

One of our friendly payroll specialists would be happy to chat.